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【Lumbar Support Protects Your Spine】Monhey office chair is designed with lumbar & back support to protect your spine. This desk chair is suitable for relieving back pain. People with sciatica or lower back pain will prefer this computer chair. Study chair lumbar support Suitable for the healthy development and growth of the spine of adolescent students, can be adjusted up and down by 1.2 inches.

【Breathable and Comfortable】The backrest of the mesh office chair is made of breathable mesh fabric. The desk chair's breathable mesh has high tensile strength, which keeps your back cool and comfortable and prevents sticky sweat from collecting on your back. The cushion made of high-density sponge is soft and breathable, and the ergonomic office chair can relieve fatigue caused by sitting for a long time.

[Rocking Function & Upright Lock] This office chair can be tilted from 90° to 125°. By adjusting the control handle, you can set the desk chair to rock or non-rock as you like. The beige home chair can only be locked. It cannot be locked in the upright position and cannot be locked in any other position. Pull out the handle to allow the desk chair to swing. Move the handle inward to lock the ergonomic office chair in an upright position.

[2D flip-up arm & height adjustable] The armrest of the office chair can be flipped up 90 degrees vertically. Adjusting the armrest to a horizontal position can provide elbow support. Adjust the arm to 90 degrees upright, the office chair can provide more seating space. Tuck your home desk chair under the table to save space. Seat cushion height can be adjusted from 17 inches to 17 inches. 20 inches.

[Adjustable Headrest] Monhey ergonomic office chair is a mid-back office chair with an adjustable headrest. Using the desk chair neck support can reduce neck fatigue and pain caused by sitting for a long time, and effectively protect the health of the cervical spine. The headrest of the study chair can be adjusted up or down by 1.5 inches. to find the most comfortable position. The headrest of the computer chair can automatically rotate 45° to follow your neck, and the headrest is removable.

【Multipurpose & Multiple Spaces】Monhey ergonomic chair can be used as an office chair, desk chair, study chair, home chair, computer chair, and gaming chair. This home office desk chair is widely used, and this white office chair can be used in the office. , home, conference room, study, gathering and other places. The maximum weight capacity of the computer chair is 250 lbs.

【360° Rotating Base and Mute Rolling Wheel】The base of the ergonomic office chair can rotate 360 degrees, which allows you to rotate your body freely when sitting in the office chair, which is very convenient. The wheels of the home office desk chair can rotate in any direction with almost no noise. This desk chair's mute rolling wheels are suitable for hard floors and rotate smoothly.

[Easy to assemble & reliable service] Assembling the ergonomic office chair is easy. Typically, office chair assembly can be completed independently in 30 minutes, but installation can be completed faster with assistance. This home office desk chair has three functions. – Yearly warranty and replacement service. Once you receive our computer chair, if you have any problems, please contact us immediately. Monhey team will provide a solution within 24 hours.

[Upgraded bolts] Monhey team focused on upgrading the bolts of the ergonomic office chair, improving the hardness of the bolts and screws, avoiding loosening and falling off due to screw deformation, and increasing the durability of the office chair. I raised it. . If four bolts are required to secure the component, please first secure the bolts in their corresponding positions and then tighten them one by one to avoid the problem of difficult installation of the last bolt.

[Friendly Reminder] 1. If you have a large waist, please check the width of the office chair before purchasing. 2.This ergonomic office chair can only be locked in the upright position, but not in the tilted position. 3.The mesh of the mesh can only be locked in the upright position. The executive chair is beige in bright areas and light brown in dark areas. 4. If the office chair gets dirty with lubricant during assembly, please wipe it with a cloth.

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